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John Fugelsang

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1. He interviewed Paul McCartney in London, and George Harrison in New York – in the same week. (This was before VH1 became the “Washed-Up-Celebrity-In-Hot-Tub” network.)

2. He appeared on “Politically Incorrect” more than 20 times and Bill Maher called him ‘one of my favorite comedians’.

3. He is Irish, Danish and German; which means he gets drunk, hides the Jews, and looks for them.

4. His mother is an ex-Nun and his father was a Franciscan Brother. His Drama-League Nominated Off-Broadway solo show “ALL THE WRONG REASONS” was based on their love story. He admires Jesus as any guy would admire mom’s first husband.

5. He grew up on Long Island, in the heart of the Guido Belt. Now he lives in both in Greenwich Village, NYC, and Hollywood CA. This makes him bi-coastal, although his parents maintain he’s ‘just confused.

6. He’s been featured on CNN, Fox News, Dennis Miller, Air America, CNBC, and been published on The Huffington Post and Daily Kos. Oh, he also co-hosted “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

7. “CSI” – Dead Drug Mule. “Becker” – Psycopath. “Providence” – Sleazy Lawyer. “Coyote Ugly” – Crooked Club Owner. “Somewhere in the City “- Sex scene with Sandra Bernhard.

8. British GQ & the New York Post call him “Hilarious;” The New Yorker says, “He has the soul of an iconoclast;” and former Klansman David Duke says, “This man hates himself.”

9. He’s appeared at Montreal’s ‘Just for Laughs’ Festival, HBO’s U.S Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, The Las Vegas Comedy Festival, and he closed last year’s South Beach Comedy Festival in Miami. Booed in Tampa in 2002 for doing Bush material.

10. He is Half-Southern and Half-Brooklyn, which means he legally grew up in a Bi-lingual Household. Mom called the kids ‘y’all’ and Dad called them ‘rat bastards.’

11. He co-hosted “America’s Funniest Videos” with Daisy Fuentes. And he did a series for PBS. Basically, same job.

12. Although his parents are both ex-clergy he’s come to view Jesus the way he views Elvis – loves the guy, but the fan clubs freak him out.

13. He’s co-hosted (first with ‘Mad TV’s’ Debra Wilson, then with Gorgeous Emmy winner Teresa Strasser) “Watercooler,” the only intentionally funny show on TV Guide Network.

14. He plays two roles in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘The Whole Truth’ starring Elisabeth Rohm and Eric Roberts, screening at NYC’s Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival.

15. He believes in both the Zodiac and Chinese Astrology, which makes him a Virgin born in the year of the Cock.


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