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Eljaye Montenegro

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 Eljaye is one of the fastest rising comedians in America. His comedy career started at a very young age. Being class clown was both a blessing and a curse. Classmates loved him. Teachers, not so much. Thankfully, good grades kept him out of any real trouble. As an adult, to hone his comedy skills, he enrolled at the world famous Second City in his hometown of Chicago. After mastering the art of Improv in only 4 short weeks (note: mastering = tired of paying for classes) , he decided to try stand up comedy upon the urging (urging = dared) of a good friend. Call it a "calling" or just a need to be the center of attention, but after his first 3 minutes of stand up, not only was the audience hooked, but so was he. Now, he's a regular fixture at all the major clubs across the USA, not to mention every bowling alley, bar and coffee shop from here to Rancho Cucamonga.

From the moment he steps on stage, he commands the audience's full and undivided attention. Built like a brick "you know what" house, he looks like he belongs more in an MMA ring than on a comedy stage. With the grace and precision of a dancer, every move is poetry in motion. This, combined with his razor sharp wit and rapid-fire delivery, it's no wonder why he is known as the 'Raging Bull' of comedy.

Eljaye takes today's buzz words/trends and gives them his own original comedic twist and makes audiences laugh at skewed current perceptions can be, while bringing out their commonalities at the same time. Whether he's deconstructing racial and social stereotypes or acting like a kid (despite his size), Eljaye's comedy always makes you think about your own views without being offensive. Say what you want, or feel how you want to feel, but NEVER under any circumstance forget Eljaye’s number one rule. “Don’t Judge Me!!!”


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Icehouse 50th Anniversary DVD
Zeke and Luther
Hip Hop Harry
Young & The Restless
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